Aromatherapy Massage – How Can It Helps to Relax Your Body and Mind ?

Having a stressful mind and exhausted body is quite common these days, all thanks to our hectic professional lift and overloading household chores. Is there any escape to it? Well, we actually cannot avoid all the tensions that come along with the work but an aromatherapy session can definitely make our weekends happier and better.

What is Aromatherapy ?

It is a form of alternative medicine that uses aromatic plant oils and other aromatic compounds for altering one’s cognitive, psychological and physical well being. Essential oils that are used for the massage are 100% original and have their own therapeutic qualities. They are available to cure almost any kind of sickness and that is why, these days, aromatherapy is becoming popular not only in spas but in homes as well. One can treat depression, asthma, congestion, insomnia, muscle tension and hypertension easily with the help of the oils.

How Essential Oils Work ?

When these oils are applied to the body, they penetrate the skin with the help of sweat glands and hair follicles. This way, they get absorbed into the body fluids. That is when their wonders begins. Depending on the type of oil chosen, you will being receiving different benefits. Some will help relax body and mind, alleviate stress and some will strength the immune system by killing harmful bacteria and virus.

Here are the most popular oils for mind and body healing:

  • Stress – Clary, Lemon, Sage, Lavender
  • Insomnia – Clary, Sage, German Chamomile, Marjoram
  • Depression – Lemon, Bergamot, Nutmeg
  • Lack of Energy – Grapefruit, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lemon Grass
Who Should Consider Taking an Aromatherapy Massage Session ?
This healing method is best for people who want to relax but without the strenuous muscle kneading session. It is a great way to unwind the stress after a hectic day at office. Anyone who wants to enjoy the mental and physical benefits of aromatherapy massage must go for a session once in a while.
How Aromatherapy Massage Helps Relax Body and Mind !
Inhaling essential oils has amazing effects on body and mind as the scent triggers brains reactions and helps in secreting relaxing hormones that further help a person take better control over his mind and body. Sometimes, different oils are blended together for better therapeutic effects. Since ages, aromatherapy has been practiced because it helps bring relaxation to a different level together.
Essential oils can either be applied to the body or can be inhaled, both ways are quite effective. Where the massage helps by first moisturising the skin followed by boosting blood flow inside the body, inhalation deeply relaxes and calm down the mind. 

Aromatherapy treatment is only effective when it is done with pure essence of oils and not those are synthetically created. Also, the method of doing the massage is quite important as a wrong way will not pay you much in terms of benefits. You can either book an aromatherapy massage session at a spa or bring some aromatic oils home and fill your room with their scent to relax your mind.
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