Delicious Cabbage Roll and Mango Dessert at Ang Mo Kio’s Hong Kong Dessert (谢记)

Hong Kong Dessert Shopfront

Since I was still early for my hair cut appointment, my girlfriend had the sudden crave for dessert which she has been thinking for the past few weeks and highly recommended by many other customers as well for their desserts. The Hong Kong Dessert is located in a small shopfront at Jubilee Square. Looking through the glass windows, customers are scattered around the tables, chatting and enjoying their desserts.

Hong Kong Dessert Interior

The entire shop is not very big and I think only possible to house about 12-15 pax maximum with their tables. We was greeted by a Malay auntie whom show us their menu. Surprisingly, given their small shop yet they have a large menu and best of all, it is halal as well. Initially, we was only interested in the desserts but as we skipped our lunch, we thought to have something light as well.

Hong Kong Dessert's Vietnamese Sugar Cane Prawn Roll and Fried Yam Ball
Hong Kong Dessert's Cabbage Roll

These are some of the food which we have ordered. The portion are not very big, but definitely it still helps to fill our stomach for the time being.

Top Right: The Fried Yam Ball (S$4.00) might not have an appealing look, but the taste is really heavenly. The crust is very crispy and the flavour of the yam is seasoned perfectly. Really delicious.

Top Left: The Vietnamese Sugar Cane Prawn Roll (S$ 4.50) is slightly disappointing. Perhaps it took them quite a while to serve the dish, the crust was soft though fried into golden colour. Tasted more of flour than prawn in the dish. Sugar cane ? Maybe just an ornament I suppose.

Bottom Left: One of my recommendation is their Cabbage Roll (S$ 3.80). My girlfriend like this dish so much that she even took my share ! They steamed the cabbage roll and the flavours are all locked within the cabbage. The cabbage are soft and sweet, with the nicely marinated filling, it tasted a really good.

Hong Kong Dessert's Mango with Aloe Vera

Here comes our dessert ! This is for my girlfriend, the Mango with Aloe Vera (S$5.00). This is one of the new combinations I have seen for mango dessert. I took a mouthful of the dessert and definitely mango does tasted well, but as aloe vera itself has a very strong  distinct taste. Dessert itself is very refreshing, but I thought all would like the overwhelming taste of aloe vera.

This is my heavy weight champion mango dessert, Mango with Glutinous Rice Ball and Black Glutinous Rice (S$5.00). The serving was so generous that you could see it is almost overflowing from the transparent bowl. The citrus mango combined with the sweetened black glutinous rice paired up perfectly and the glutinous rice ball helps to reduce the sweetness of the dessert. However, having carbs and carbs together,  I slowly felt glutted.

One thing I like about Hong Kong Dessert is they operates more like a home cooked rather than commercialised whom dish out dessert after dessert without any hesitation. Although their presentation might not be the best, certainly they have maintained a good standard in their taste and service. Will be back for more in near future.

Hong Kong Dessert
#01-02 Jubilee Square
61 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8
Singapore 569814
Tel: +65 6457 1203
Opening Hours: 11am to 11pm daily

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