Health Benefits That Massage Therapy Has To Offer

Massage by definition is the process kneading / rubbing / applying pressure by the use of hands over certain points of the body. For acupressure it could also be pressure points on the face, scalp, palm and soles.

Physical Benefits

1. In most of the accidental/sports injuries that occur, the rehabilitation process usually starts with a trained physiotherapist who along with exercises also massages the injured area with their hands or with cold/hot packs to relieve the tension in the muscles till the pain subsides.

2. Massage therapies are highly beneficial for an otherwise healthy person wherein brushing the body with thick bristle brush with bottom to top movements helps in lymphatic drainage, thereby increasing the immunity of the body against infections.

3. For the older generation who want to maintain an active lifestyle massages of the individuals joints help in maintaining the agility of the body and alleviating arthritis pain.

4. Massages are being increasingly used for sports persons just before they go out to play to improve energy, relax the muscles and help in quick movements for cricketers, boxers and kabaddi players.

5. It has also been proven that massaging the face and applying pressure on certain points also help in releasing the congestion in the sinuses helps in clearing blockages and an ease in breathing issues.

6. The world over massaging babies and infants before their showers is done so as to strengthen the bones, formation of ligaments that would in the future help the baby in taking the first steps to a healthy walking manner.

Psychological And Cognitive Benefits

1. In decreasing emotional stress that was caused by the trauma suffered by the patient. Helping the patient in improving the quality of sleep. The release of the pressure on certain nerve points also improves and clears up the thought process thereby quickening the recovery.

2. Relieving stress/anxiety related issues in public personalities before their speeches or appearances at high profile events with a gentle massage on the scalp and temple points.

Aesthetic Benefits

1. Massages like shiatsu and pressure on the face have also shown reduction in fine lines and crow’s feet if coupled with a good diet of fruits and green veggies.

2. A massage post vigorous exercise help in maintain body posture and alignment, thereby improving a person’s overall look.

The past decade the medical community has realised the importance of physical/emotional/ social rehabilitation through the various types of massages like The Swedish massage, Warm stone therapy, Deep tissue massage, Aromatherapy and have started providing majority of these services in-house. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Europe are including reimbursement of at least 50% of medical cost of physiotherapies and massages with their insurers like BUPA Arabia and EHIC cards so as to integrate them into the mainstream medical insurance system.

The benefits though would only last if the patient continues with the therapies on a regular basis just like his regular health checkups. These therapies have now improved the lifestyle and physical health of many and is also becoming an increasingly lucrative profession. Making it a point to get a body massage done weekly, just for the fun of it actually does wonders to one’s mood and a happy and smiling person is always a welcome sight.

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