Healthland Thai Massage | Why so rush massaging ?

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I was browsing through the Youtube and there was this video Traditional Thai Massage featuring Healthland Thai Massage. I loved to try out new massage and thought it is a good chance to relieve my tired body after a week of work. I made an appointment and the lady who picked up the phone was quite friendly in the phone.

The parlour was located in Chinatown and the annoying part is there are no parking space. I had to circled around that area for 15 mins before I can find. Walking along South Bridge Road, I could not really find the massage parlour at one point of time as there wasn’t any eminent signboard for the massage parlour. In my relieve, I found the entrance of the massage parlour round the corner along Temple Street and it is hardly noticeable.

Using an old shophouse in that precinct, you have to climb up a staircase where you can hear cranking sounds of the wooden planks each time you took a step, but I think that could be the noise to inform the staff that a customer is coming up Right into the shop, you will immediately see three foot reflexology chairs laid along the wall. In the center of the room there is a spiral stairs that led to another floor, which I initially though it was for premium services. Anyway, the parlour is dimly lit and serenity was there, except for buzzing sounds of cars passing by. Before the start of the Thai Massage, you would have to tell her how long you wanted your massage and to pay upfront. They accept cash, visa and mastercard. Unfortunately, after paying the cash, you would need to change your clothes and there is a changing room down the alley connecting with the toilet. The lady behind the cashier only pointed towards that direction and I had to self service. While I entered the room, there was another man changing his clothes after the massage and he was half done. I wonder what would happen if some ladies need to use the toilet.

Anyway, I managed to grab an oversized pants on the cupboard (had to fold it to secure it), but I could not find a top as I think they did not replenish the stock. You can see a huge basket of used clothing in the changing rooms. I had to ask the lady over the counter for assistance.

Sitting in the lobby waiting for my turn, I then discovered they have separated services for men and ladies, men’s room will be on the current floor while the ladies would have to climb up the spiral stairs. At least an effort made to keep out the privacy.

As my turn arrived, the therapist show me the way. The room consists of three mattress on the floor and it was poorly renovated / decorated. There were two customers in line and I had to cross over their legs in order to reach the last bed in the corner of the room. There wasn’t any curtains or blinds to separate you from other customers and you can see everyone across the room. As I was lying flat down waiting for my therapist, I could heard the conversation between the another therapist and customer and it continues even my session has started. It would be quite hard to relax as you can hear the conversation, car passing by the road outside and soft music with the speaker near to me.

To make things worse, though the therapist was applying adequate pressure on my body, but it seems that she is rushing for time and some areas of my body are massage as though like passing motions. She did not really catch the aching “points” and systematically massaging my foot to back. I did not really get a good head massage though. Fortunately, she managed to scored some points whilst doing stretching my body and I could feel the relief of my muscles. The session ended with me half satisfied.

Ambience: 3.0 / 5.0
Therapist Skills: 3.0 / 5.0
Facilities: 2.5 / 5.0 Barely have any good facilities.
Pricing: Spent $55 on the Thai Massage


  • 3 foot reflexology chairs in lobby area.
  • 2 rooms on the lobby deck, 1 room with 1 mattress, another with 3 mattress
  • dedicated second deck for ladies only room

252A South Bridge Road, Singapore 058801 (Temple St. Chinatown)

Contact Information
Tel: +65 6221 3376 / +65 9339 8629 /

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  1. Maybe it was just my bad day that my massage wasn't that perfect 🙂 If that is the case, then I will need to revisit the massage again to see how well they are doing now.

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