Late Night Massage at NatureLand Spa & Massage Robertson Walk

NatureLand Spa & Massage

Though this was the second time I visited NatureLand (Naturally with my sisters and girl friend), I think they have put in great efforts to provide better massage environment for its customers. First, it started off with hygiene issues.

As most of the massage lovers would know, while you are resting face down on the raised massage bed, the head rest (the hole) is usually covered only with a towel which none of us know if it was being changed after a customer finish his massage session. NatureLand did an extra step to provide an additional disposable face rest cover for hygiene purpose which is a good for those with sensitive skin.

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The body massage would start with the back and previously when I am done with my back and shoulders, we will continued immediately with the front side of the body. However, this time round after I am done with the back and shoulder massage, the masseurs leaves the room and brought in two heating pads and placed it over my back while she continued to massage my lower body. There is no extra charges for this service.

Meanwhile, one of my sisters and girl friend went for the foot reflexology and they have also praised that the foot masseurs are superb and one of the best among the foot reflexology which we have visited.

Current Price List (Updated 30th Dec 2013)

Comparing their rates with other late night massage parlours, the rates NatureLand is charging customers is considered justifiable or even cheaper despite the fact that they are opened in a prime location like Robertson Walk.


NatureLand has become top in the list for late night massage and if they are able to sustain their standards, I believe it would be a great success for the spa as well. Meanwhile, remember to call up to fix an appointment before going down as they do have peak hours where they are fully booked.

Parking is available easily around that area so that should not be a problem for car owners.

Spa Info

Natureland Spa & Massage
11 Unity Street #01-08/09, Robertson Walk
Singapore 237995
Tel: 6733 6780
Opening Hours: Daily and last appointment at 3am.

3 thoughts on “Late Night Massage at NatureLand Spa & Massage Robertson Walk

  1. For the price, it is fairly ok.
    But there is fair bit room for improvement.

    1) its staff talk so loudly that I don't get the tranquility when enjoying the treatment
    2) rest room is located outside the outlet ~ the path/leading to the door, which leads to the rest room, is unsightly.
    3) if they expect guests to walk past its staff rest area, they should keep the door of the rest area closed.
    4) the receptionist couldn't be bothered to ask how my treatment went.

    One good thing they didn't try to sell its member package. Mayb business is too good that they care less.

  2. 1) Hi MG, I will understand at times when the masseurs are trying to converse with the customers, that when laughter and talks become too loud and disturb the rest of the customers. That I will agreed with you but maybe not all the times.

    2) would be the best if customers to go through the front door ? does not have much image of the door though.

    3) totally agreed. affects spa image.

    4) Well, for my few tries at natureland, the receptionist did ask for feedback, not all times as well. But it is true that late night massages are having great deal of business.

    If you want to try some places with more tranquility, you can go to Green Apple at Upper East Coast Road, it is a new branch under the Green Apple and they have good masseurs compared to the other two branch they have.

  3. Thanks, Jeffrey. The noise came from the staff talking among themselves as the therapy room is very near its staff rest area and staff talking loudly along the corridor forgetting that there are customers trying to enjoy their treatment.

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