My 1st Class in Meric – C9

A pic with my Koreans friends during a school trip at Nara

Unexpectedly, most of my classmates are Korean and it is also my first touch with Korea culture. The hard thing about Korea culture is they would address someone older as ‘Brother’ or ‘Sister’. In Singapore, we seldom have this kind of culture running through the youngsters of my age, but it seems normal in Korea though.
Having exposed to Koreans, I have been quite busy in the first semester, running around doing house visits of the so-called ‘Brother’ or ‘Sister’, which I would only do that to my relatives in Singapore, lol. Well, perhaps that is also the reason why Koreans are so united, even though all of them are just friends.

Oops, her ‘world peace’ has her face covered.

Not only that, I have one of the prettiest sensei (teacher) in that school as our , Kobayashi Sensei. I mean that having a group of Koreans as classmates are noisy enough, but I am sure that her beauty does affect even more. Guys like her, perhaps gals hate her.

Playing games in the last day of first semester

I would say that even till now, I had most fun with this group of Koreans, including learning some Korean vulgarities from my ‘good’ friends. Unfortunately, time passed quick and most of them are denied of their visa and had to return to Korea.

Here is the full album

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