まだ覚えている?A7のまじめに面接練習あったでしょう?僕はその時ビデオをしたですよね。じゃ、みんなさん、正しいの面接はどういう風にしますか?一回見て習ってましょう!ハハ 女の子の方けど、ちょっとね。。。 男の子の方だけど、ちょっと女みたいなあ。

クレオ大阪の学生集会 – 校長先生のごあいさつ


My 1st Class in Meric – C9

A pic with my Koreans friends during a school trip at Nara Unexpectedly, most of my classmates are Korean and it is also my first touch with Korea culture. The hard thing about Korea culture is they would address someone older as ‘Brother’ or ‘Sister’. In Singapore, we seldom have this kind of culture running through the youngsters of my age, but it seems normal in Korea though. Having exposed to Koreans, I have been quite busy in the first semester, running around doing house visits of the so-called ‘Brother’ or ‘Sister’, which I would only do that to my relatives in Singapore, lol. Well, perhaps that is also the reason why Koreans are so united, even though all of them are just friends. Oops, her …

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My Japanese Language School – Meric Japanese School

This is the Japanese Language School which I am currently studying at, located near the computer street, Nipponbashi and as well Namba, where you can find a lot of shopping areas. MERIC Japanese Language School1-10-6 Nippombashi-Higashi Naniwa-kuOsaka 556-0006Tel: 06-6646-0606Fax: 06-6646-0320Website: http://meric.bho.or.kr/eng/main/ There are staff who can speaks English, Mandarin and a female staff who can speaks Spanish.