Singapore-based Firm Developed Halal App To Bring Muslims Food into Social Media – HalalTrip

Screenshot of HalalTrip Website.

A Singapore-based firm, CrescentRating Pte Ltd has recently developed a new mobile app HalalTrip, to aid Muslim eaters as well as travellers to share halal restaurant discoveries not only in Singapore, but around the world. This will definitely helps Halal travellers and eaters to have lesser problem looking for a Halal restaurant and at the same time, gives them a wider range of food selection which they can choose to eat from.

As explained by chief executive of HalalTrip, Fazal Bahardeen, Halal food is one of the biggest drivers of tourism for the Muslim market and when traveling is concerns, food become an important factor to these consumers as well. The social media element does not only try to discover halal food on the go, but at the same time making it a more fun and intuitive experience.

Halal Logo in Singapore

Halal is often being used in reference to food that are permissible for Muslims to eat or drink under Islamic requirements, specifying the criteria of the type of foods are allowed and how it was being prepared.

Beside providing a platform for Halal food, the HalalTrip app also enables users to take and upload photos of halal dishes, write comments and share them through the social media. With a click on a photo in the app, it will gives details about the dish as well as location of the restaurant. The app is available for Apple iOS and Android devices at the moment.

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We does not end here. What we are going to do today is to download the app and give it a try. Before using any of the app’s features, the first time is to prompt for language settings, either in English or Arabic (written in Arabic language).

After that you will come into a clean interface with generally four topics – Halal Food Spotter, In-flight Prayer Time Calculator, Travel Dua and Book A Hotel (under development).

For the In-flight Prayer Time Calculator, you will need to login before they enable you to use the feature while the Travel Dua is free to open without any restrictions.

Since our focus today is trying to search for Halal food from the app, we will drill further only into the first tab, Halal Food Spotter and explore it.

After you have clicked on the tab, it will show you a series of photos with the type of food and the restaurant name. It will also have an indication how far it is the restaurant from you. (You need to enable settings in iPhone in order to track the distance.

Tab on any of the photos and I will bring you right into another interface which has more information about the restaurant itself. It may includes information like Non-Vegetarian, India, if restaurant is Muslim owned, etc. As I believe currently the HalalTrip app is not being widely used yet, so the photos and information are actually quite limited. I think as there are more users and social media power, the information within the app will start to grow slowly as well.

Interface of Halal Food Spotter Tab.

Before I end this post, I decided to search through the App Store and there was actually quite a few other established apps that offers similar services, such as Halal Food Finder (Singapore Only) and Zabihah.

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