Stiff Neck Relief Massage at Xing Mei Spa

Frontage of Xing Mei Spa
The spa is located along the neighbourhood in Jurong West

I was driving my colleague home when my Watsapp ringtone sounded – a message from my girlfriend. Her sister yearns for a foot massage and asked if I will be interested in joining them. As a matter of fact, both my girlfriend and I has been wishing for a massage since two weeks ago which I have been tied down by my busy work schedule. Without much hesitation, I agreed promptly and eagerly picked them up at their house.

Originally we thought of visiting Club Street’s Le Spa, but thought it is really unnecessary to travel from Jurong to city area just for a last minute massage. Through my girlfriend’s sister recommended, we headed for a 24-hour massage spa in Jurong West which was only five minutes drive away.

Xing Mei Spa is not really difficult to find as it is located beside a 24-hour clinic. The green signboard and orange neon spa’s name is eye-catching in the night while shops are closing one after another. A group of middle age women was sitting right in front of the spa, happily chatting and laughing away. Looking at their attire, they are most likely to be the masseurs for the spa.

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1st floor interior of Xing Mei Spa
Massage chairs lined along the first level of the spa.

Upon entering the spa, be enticed by the aromatic scent that floats in the air while the receptionist greeted us with a smile over the counter. Opposite the counter was four big-sized foot reflexology chairs which some customers were enjoying their massage under the dark purple lit atmosphere.

It is nine in the night and it seems there wasn’t much customers at this time and making a booking was as simple as snapping the fingers. (However, during my conversation with the masseur later on, they tends to be more busy with more customers coming in late night.)

My girlfriend’s sister opted for a foot reflexology while my girlfriend and I preferred having body massage. To my surprise, the receptionist has asked one of the masseurs to usher both of us to our treatment room on the second level which I never expect the spa to be of this scale. The masseur led us through a narrow walkway connecting to a staircase while she check our if we preferred to have a couple room. She led us through a series of treatment rooms (about 6-7 rooms) before reaching the end of the passageway and showing us into our room.

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The couple room was in simple design and looks much like a normal home except with two massage beds sitting right in the middle of the room with sides almost in contact with the walls, I wondered how could they possible give us a proper massage. Right in the other corner of the room, there was a another door to a bathroom which we could use privately. They provided us with disposable shorts instead of underwear which is much easier to put on. The masseurs prompted us twice if we were ready during our course of changing and I am puzzled because we just entered the room not long ago.

Much to our comfort, we laid down onto the spacious massage bed, resembling those of Chun Tin Road’s Le Spa. As usual, I always requested for a masseur with stronger strength and the other masseur recommended this Malaysian Chinese masseur to me.

Without further delay, she gently rub and knead randomly along my neck, as if she was in searching for something and later commented on my old injury – stiff neck.

Using a combination of acupressure and constant stroking, she applied adequate pressure against my common aching points and meridians accurately using her thumbs and elbow, while moving inch by inch onto the shoulder blade. The masseur was so detailed that she moves my arm around to work on meridians along my shoulder blade.

Without much focus on my back, she moves onto my extended, hamstring and quads which was tremendously “sensational”.  She had massage along a hardened meridian which she explained which was caused by frequent crossing of legs. While the 60 minutes are coming to an end, she massaged my head and there was sharp pain on the top of the skull. As explained, there was “wind” and one of the common cause was washing hair in the night without drying it properly. Bingo !

The massage session ended soon and I just felt so lighten over the shoulders and back. Amazing.

Some lessons which she has taught me today

  • Refrain from staying up late and looking at computer – cause of stiff neck
  • Refrain from crossing legs while sitting down – cause for pain and tightened meridians along hamstring and quads.
  • Refrain from washing hair in the night without drying it properly – cause of “wind’ in head which will leads to headaches.
The spa has been operated for more than two years and despite just being a heartland spa, they have maintained very good cleanliness. My girlfriend has also commented her masseur was skilful, so was mine. The prices are reasonable (body massage at $50, foot reflexology at $35), you are paying for a good deal for experienced masseurs. By the way, for those looking to relieve your ache, you can try out my masseur, Bobo.

Other Services They Are Providing

  • Cupping
  • Scraping (Guasha)
  • Acupressure
  • Ear Candling
  • Epilation

Spa Info

Xing Mei Spa
#01-56, Blk 492 Jurong West Street 41
Singapore 640492
Tel: +65 6567 5055
Opening Hours: 24 hours daily

This article was updated on 2 Dec 2015.

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