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11 beautiful & Fashionable Crystals Bracelets from Mdada

If you are looking at some crystals bracelets, perhaps you can try looking for them at Fu Lu Shou complex, but you would need to customize the design yourself. Alternatively, try looking at MCrystals Facebook Live by Mdada, which has some beautiful crystals bracelets that are customized, or even customized on the spot upon your request!

Mdada, the largest live streaming hub in Southeast Asia was a joint venture business by celebrity hairstylist Addy Lee with Michelle and Pornsak.

As I have recently become a vivid fan of crystals, hence I am compiling some of the bracelets that they have sold during the live stream and perhaps one might suits you as well. (You can ask them again during live if it is available)

Always Peaceful (岁岁平安)

Crystal combination: Jade + Rutilated Quartz + Jade Bodhi

mdada always peaceful

The jade is one of the main crystals of this bracelet. Good Hetian jade magnesium is rich in elements, which can supplement the chlorophyll of the human body so that the human body and skin will become more healthy from the inside out.

It is also one of the main crystals of this bracelet. It is made of gold-titanium crystal with a good texture. In addition to the function of attracting wealth, the main 6 functions are also of great help to health and good luck. The matter has the ability to accelerate and has the effect of multiplying the result with half the effort.

The white jade bodhi can absorb the sickness of the body and is also a very rare tree species, which plays a balancing and reconciling role in this bracelet.

Benefits: It can quickly expel negative energy, moisture, sickness, etc. from the body. Long-term wearing can make people experience abundant every day, and the skin will become better. Health and longevity (**This bracelet must be worn on the right hand, and it is a bracelet that can be worn to sleep; when you feel uncomfortable, you can massage the uncomfortable part for 3-5 minutes, the powerful energy of jade and rutilated quartz can help get a soothing effect)

How to cleanse the bracket

[Please clean once a month, starting from the time of the first cleaning and activation, that is, cleaning once every 30 days: Method – After washing with clean water, dry it with a clean cloth, keep your hands clean, hold and rub for 15 seconds] This bracelet is synthesized with three kinds of high-quality beads, which correspond one by one and assist each other to reconcile each other.

Health Bracelet

Crystal combination: Colourful Agate + Jade + Rock Quartz

mdada health bracelet

The main purpose of this bracelet is designed for “health” so that the person who wears it has a good effect on the health of the body, skin and mind. The bracelets for men and women correspond to each other. If lovers wear them together, there will be a strengthening of each other. Effect.

Agate can be used as a talisman to ward off evil spirits and at the same time symbolize friendly love and hope, and help eliminate negative energy.

The man should wear it on the left hand while ladies should wear it on the right hand.

Lucky Man (Heng Man)

Crystal combination: Garnet + Fluorite (4 beads) + Green Phantom (4 beads)

mdada heng man

For [Heng Man] Bracelet(wear left hand):

Garnet is the main crystal in this bracelet and it help to make one to be full of confidence. Especially for female friends, wearing the bracelet makes them looks more radiant and prettier.

Four green phantom beads represent good luck and things going along the way that you want. The green phantom beads are strung in between the fluorite which helps to strengthen the energy of good luck.

Four fluorites surrounding by green phantom crystals have the meaning of improving interpersonal relationships and can enhance the popularity of themselves and those close to them.

Benefits: This bracelet uses three different crystals, the main function is to make the men around the wearer more and more smooth, strengthen energy from interpersonal relationships and people’s confidence, and have a great impact on the men around them in life and work.
*This bracelet is ready to wear when received, “opens” on the 31st Dec (method: put the bracelet in a clean bowl, add water, add a little salt, rinse and dry, and $1 new coin Put it together overnight, you can wear it the next day)

Lucky Seven Star Bracelet (七星手链)

Combinations: Blue Sandstone (2 beads) + Rutilated Quartz (1 bead) + Obsidian Stone (1 bead) + Rock Crystal (3 beads) + Cinnabar (3 beads) + White Jade Bodhi (3 beads) + Tourmaline (3 beads)

mdada seven star bracelet

Benefits: The lucky seven bracelet uses seven different crystals and stones and the main function is to attract wealth and ward off evil spirits in all directions. The crystals are classified into two group – one for wealth and the other for warding off evil spirits. This bracelet has been designed that both groups of crystals are well-balanced hence strengthening the energy of the entire bracelet, making it complete.

“Villian-Hitting” Bracelet

Yellow Rutilated Quartz + White Jade Bodhi

mdada villian hitting bracelet

Rutilated Quartz is the main crystal in the bracelet that will help to prevent the interference of gossipers and defend against nasty people.

The White Jade Bodhi has strung three beads together and one more bead directly opposite which has a meaning of plentiful wealth and fortune flowing in and little fortune is outflowing. It works as a means of locking and keeping your wealth.

Wealth Locking Bracelet (锁财)

Combinations: Rutilated Quartz + White Jade Bodhi

The White Jade Bodhi is the main crystal in this bracelet that represents an endless cycle and the rutilated quartz works as the auxiliary crystals which collect fortune and wealth from eight directions.

Using a similar crystal as the previously mentioned bracelet, this effect is not different from the Chinese zodiac. This bracelet helps fortune and attracts wealth. The energy of the bracelet can make you have a keen sense of where you should not spend, reminding you which money should be spent and which should not be spent.

According to different designs on the zodiac style, the wearer of these zodiac signs has better energy. The difference is based on how the rutilated quartz is being distributed on the bracelet.

Chinese ZodiacCombination
Rat4 + 1 + 1
Ox2 + 2 + 1
Tiger3 + 1 + 1 + 1
Rabbit3 + 3
Dragon3 + 2
Snake3 + 2 + 2
Horse2 + 1
Goat2 + 1 + 1 + 1
Rooster4 + 1
Dog1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1
Pig2 + 1

Beckon Necklace (招来)

Combinations: Colourful Agate + Amethyst

mdada beckon neecklace

The matching of colourful agate and amethyst make the operation of energy a good circulation, the eight amethysts mean “Fa” in mandarin, an auspicious meaning of making a fortune. Coupled with an abacus and ingot silver buckle pendant, make your fortune circulation run, not only smart consciousness can also absorb wealth fortune, hence the name “beckon”.

Wisdom Star Bracelet (智慧之星)

Combinations: Aquamarine + Purple Rutilated Quartz + Rock Crystal

mdada wisdom star

Benefits: All these three crystals have gentle healing properties which help to harmonize energy, making our nerve system is becoming more sensitive and also more knowledgeable.

Love Bracelet

Combinations: Garnet + Rose Quartz

mdada love bracelet

The bracelet is strung in three beads starting from the lightest shade of rose quartz till the darkest garnet crystal. This bracelet is

Solitary Bracelet (唯我独尊)

Combinations: Lapis Lazuli + Obsidian Stone

mdada solitary bracelet

Lapis Lazuli is cyan in colour, representing purity and hope. The stone is known to have diseases curing effects and also help people relieve muscle tension and headaches, calm people’s mood and promote better sleep.

Meanwhile, the obsidian stones have the best effect on warding off evil spirits which can effectively absorb and transform bad things in the body to improve luck and increase the strong defensive ability to interfere with foreign spirits. In addition, it can enhance vitality, restorative of your energy and prevent excessive use of the brain.

God Of Fortune Arrives Bracelet (财神到)

Combinations: Lapis Lazuli + Rutilated Quartz + Fluorite

mdada god of fortune bracelet

If you are looking for increasing your wealth, then this bracelet might be just for you. It has blue lapis lazuli, black rutilated quartz and different colourful fluorite crystals.

This colourful bracelet is quite fashionable and easily fits on the wrist of men and women. However, note that it should be worn on the right hand.

Mdada has instructed that the buyer wear it from Oct till Feb (after Chinese New Year), so they might not be selling this until 2022 Oct?

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